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The Creative Experience

In 4th grade, Sister Mary Girard sent a note home to my parents,

"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Della Barba,

I'm afraid your son will never amount to anything if he continues to daydream and do those silly doodles."

Fortunately she was wrong.


Victor Della Barba

1971 to NOW in 4:28


I’m Victor Della Barba.

A seasoned, responsible professional in the creative area, I’ve worked for many ad agencies in both Philadelphia and New York, on a wide range of accounts like Scott Paper, Alpo, Coleco Toys, Garanimals and Tastykake.

If you’ve ever made a phone call via Bell, bought a PA Lottery ticket, poured a drink from a bottle marked Schenley, or “Made it a Night” in Center City Philadelphia, my work probably had something to

do with it.


As the first “D” of DD&V Advertising, I introduced The Wild, Wild West Casino at Bally’s Park Place, boosted subscriptions for Men’s Health Magazine and brought new excitement to Channel 6 Action News TV spots.


Early in 1998, I left DD&V to re-open Victor & Company

Advertising and Creative Services.

Because i have passion for the work, i give you more than a dollar’s worth of thinking for every dollar you give me when I work for you. It’s the size of the idea that matters. Not the budget.


My clients and I have fun. We do great work. We make money. Together. And we’re friends.