Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a few big national agencies to do their campaigns, but they need someone they can trust locally too. What started out as patches for program ads turned into an idea for a training program that’s a “Treasure Hunt” for new employees to go around the hospital finding QR codes linked to videos of how to carry out CTCA’s “Mother Standard”. From that success, I went on to create, and produce more successful work. Just reciently directing a 10 minute film, “Welcome to CTCA Philadelphia”, where I got to show off my city and a great client to out of town patients.


Employee training

After viewing the first video in class during their 3 day training course, new employees are sent on a "treasure hunt" to find the following  videos that are accessed via QR codes found throughout the hospital.

In Hospital Videos




It's a sign of experience.

It's knowing what's important. And sometimes doing a little sign in 10 minutes is more important to a client than a $10,000 project. 

Experience is knowing when to put ego aside and "get it done" yet knowing when to fight to give the client what they need, not what they want.

The Creative Experience

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