President/Co-Creative Director/Founder
1997 – 1998

I put together the financing, office space and partnership. We introduced The Wild Wild West Casio The Idea that everyone in the target market grew up wanting to be a cowboy.

For Men’s Health Magazine our idea was to give men a peek of what women look for in a man. It was also the first time Men’s Health did a coordinated campaign with their TV & “Mag-a-log” creative. Our idea.

Channel 6 Action News had the idea of letting their “Action News Theme” speak do all the talking. We did.

The Weightman Group
Senior Art Director/Vice President
1990 – 1994

I chose the night and named Center City District’s Wednesday night as “Make it a Night”.

My group’s accounts included: Showboat Hotel Casino, Golden Cat,
Sunoco Motor Oil, Tastykake, Scott Paper and NutriSystems but with my “Freelance” experience I worked with all the other groups in the agency.

Shaller Rubin (New York)
Senior Art Director
1980 – 1984

Liquor, kids and drugs. I did ads for all of them. A boy packing his Garanimals running away from home, changing the image of Cruzan Rum and the 1st “storyboard” for a pharmaceutical proprietary drug for hypertension. All while commuting everyday from Philly to NY.

I was involved in all new business and television production and the agency producer.

Paolin & Sweeney
Senior Vice President/Executive Creative Director
1994 – 1997

I began by restructuring the creative department. Nurturing the bright young talent there and bringing in some experienced minds.

We pitched and won new business together becoming a loyal group that still gets together.

I directed many commercials myself when there wasn’t a budget to get the production values by going outside.

I also constantly proved to the kids that the CD could still do good creative too.

Della Barba Productions
1986 – 1990

Freelance art director in Philadelphia & NY

On my own again and in demand by both agencies and clients directly. From helping agencies win new business or revamp old campaigns to producing and directing videos for clients like Rohm & Hass and introducing Shering’s new Normadine antihypertensive or helping a start up pharmaceutical agency earn it’s creative stripes.

Richardson, Myers & Donofrio
Vice President, Creative Director, Phila. Office
1984 – 1986

I started at RM&D on a freelance project assignment. I turned it from a $25K loss the year before to a $75K profit. And it won a bunch of awards too. No wonder they quickly hired me and I went on to become their VP/CD of the Philly office.

I coordinate work and cooperation between Philadelphia and Baltimore offices. I won new business including all creative to the big win of ICI Americas Ag Chem.

Della Barba Productions
1980 – 1984

Freelance art director in Philadelphia & NY

I was the 1st legitimate freelance Art Director to work in agencies in Philadelphia. Previously freelancers were used by ad agencies for just collateral design.

I met a lot of young talent in the early stages of their careers. Doing their 1st “Big ad” or commercial with them. A lot of “shot gun weddings” with Creative Directors and writers I’d never met too.

Lewis & Gilman
Senior Art Director
1975 – 1980

My 1st big agency. I worked on Bell of PA and Gino’s then did the 1st lottery instant game commercial. My 1st commercial, my 1st award.

I got my 1st window office too.


It's a sign of experience.

It's knowing what's important. And sometimes doing a little sign in 10 minutes is more important to a client than a $10,000 project. 

Experience is knowing when to put ego aside and "get it done" yet knowing when to fight to give the client what they need, not what they want.

The Creative Experience

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